Build Student Admissions Staff Knowledge Around 10 Training Areas

Each Training Area is complete with handouts, worksheets and case studies to help trainers get into the heart of each topic quickly and easily.

Your staff will become well-versed in:

  1. Creating Meaningful Connections with Campus Visitors
  2. Working Positively with Parents and Families
  3. Providing Excellent Customer Service During Campus Visits
  4. Role Modeling as an Institutional Representative
  5. Employing an Inclusive Approach
  6. Working Well with Various Populations
  7. Giving Competent, Confident Campus Tours
  8. Using Effective Communication Strategies
  9. Handling Difficult Questions, Situations and People
  10. Juggling Multiple Responsibilities

The binder also spotlights several institutions successfully implementing campus visitor experience initiatives that can be adapted for your needs.


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